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What is RoboWar?

RoboWar is Mac Shareware game where you match your brains in a Robot-Bashing contest. In this game you will be programming (In an easy laguage!), creating cool animations and sounds and figuring out new ways to crush other Robots.

-- News

27 July 2000 - RoboWar source code GNU release.

The RoboWar source code has been released under the GNU license, see programming area.

27 July 2000 - Tournament 19

The rules for T19 are now available at the RoboWar hindquaters website:

21 Feb 2000 - Tournament 18 & RW HQ

The RoboWar Hindquaters move again... now at:
Also T18 has been run, goto:
This page will be used for RW dev only from now on.

5 Feb 2000 - Tournament 18

Stiltman, who normally runs the tournament is currently unreachable, and T18 was expected to have been run by now, so here's what's happening: T18 will be run on Fri 11th of Feb, all tournament entries should be email to me at: Preferablly compressed in some form. Don't worry about exact standard's I should be able to handle anything. Best luck to everyone, and happy hacking!

31 May 99 - RoboWar 4.5.2

RoboWar 4.5.2 is now available, it fixes some bugs, most importnatly the random position generator.

You can download this release here. [RoboWar4.5.2 FAT - 679k].

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-- Information

Where can I get it and find out more?

You can download RoboWar from the RoboWar Hindquaters which also has more information. (Once you've downloaded the game check out the help in the apple menu!)

How can I register an old version of RoboWar?

If you've got a version of RoboWar before it became freeware you can still register it for free by using the following registration code:

name: Free
registration code: 5239

I saw a BUG!

If you have a bug report or general feedback, goto the...
RoboWar+Feedback-Bugs page.

Where can I get it and find out more?

I have a number of RoboWar Information Articles, here's the list:

Colour Icon Techy Docs
Hardware Hacks
RoboWar's Future (Sep97)
Preview New Graphics
RoboWar's Future (Apr98)
Feedback Page

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-- Links

The RoboWar Links...
*RoboWar HindQuarters - The official RoboWar Page, tournaments and the latest version of RoboWar can be downloaded here.

*Stiltman's RoboWar Page - One of the all-time greats (imho) who not only has won in the past but who has had a long term interest in RoboWar. He also has great documents on the theory and History of RoboWar.

*Austin Barton -

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-- Files


-HQX File-RoboWar 4.5.2 [FAT] [ 679k BinHex format ] The latest version from Scotland! Just the application. For people who already have Bots and want to see the latest RoboWar and peek into the future. If you are new you *need* the version with robots!!! Get it from the RoboWar HindQuaters.

My Robots...

-HQX File-Mortal Ent [39k] This was my last tournament entry(T11), an interesting style of dasher.

-HQX File-Soul Deliverer [39k] Soul Deliverer is a well programmed, well behaved, clean, corner hopper who entered T10.

RoboWar Disassembler

-HQX File-RoboWar Disassembler 5.0b1 [PPC] [16k] This is an almost beta of the latest version, which lets you see how robowar disassembles robots, however you can't yet save any changes :( - I'm getting to it though. :)

-HQX File-RoboWar Disassembler 4.1 [68k] [16k] This is the disassembler for those of you without a PowerMac. I've still got to upload a drag and drop version... will be done on demand.

Disassembler Extra's

-HQX File-RoboWar Templates [3k] for use with resourcer. These are the templates I made for RoboWar to help me program the disassembler, the file also includes a few little extras.

-HQX File-Disassembler 5 Source [100k] Code for Metrowerks CodeWarrior 9 - this is all the code for those of you who are interested.

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